Glitter is great!

Over the past few weeks on BoxCleva I’ve been giving you tantalising glimpses of eggs which I’ve been making for Easter. Some are eggs I made last year and the year before. My collection grows with the years. This year I’m into glitter.


Today I’ve been glittering little real painted eggs and some larger papier mache ones.

I thought you might like to know how it’s done. Or at least, how I do it.

I’m using glitter glue and glitter in two colours. Pink and white ( or rainbow iridescent..)


You’ll need quite a few little pots. Not to put paint into but to upend your eggs into. You can of course use egg cups but you’ll have to be bit careful not to paint or glitter them.

Firstly once you have blown your eggs…go here if you want to know how, you’ll need to paint them. I use a matt emulsion as it gives good coverage and you can get match pots in every colour imaginable. Cheap way to have many coloured eggs.


Paint the top and then the bottom pausing in between for them to dry. And use your bottle tops, little jars and other little pots to put them into.

I like glitter glue. It’s inexpensive as it’s sold in places like Hobbycraft under their own label, for use by children. You can get it in many colours too. First paint your egg top with glitter glue. You can leave it like that if you wish or you can roll it in coarser glitter and allow it to dry.

Try a top in one colour and a bottom in another.

The upend the egg and start again.

The glue acts as a varnish too and make the egg a bit tougher.


Then you can decorate them as you wish. I shall be using little flowers and paper and of course ribbons.




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