Deck the Halls with Bowls of Choccy, Fa la la la la…..

This year I have had a lot of fun ‘doing Easter’

I normally deck the halls with flowers and choccy but his year I’ve gone a bit mad.

There are eggs everywhere, rabbits abound as if they have been allowed to breed and mice..well, we are rather overrun with mice. But not enough to send for the pest control. For of course, these are Medlar House Mice. My latest creation.

I’ve used them in my Easter decoration, those that are Easter themed.

I’ve blown dozens of eggs and painted them with emulsion. Some of them I finished in Mod Podge  so they are shiny. Others I have glittered, either with glitter paint or with real glitter and glued on.

This creation,IMG_6011 which sits on my stair bannisters, is made from real and polystyrene eggs caught in twigs. Paper flowers have been added to the design and I’ve twined pearls around the wreath.

The mantelpiece looks like this…


with rabbits, mice, eggs and a sweet little Easter house which is light up.Go to BoxCleva on Facebook to see more of them.

My favourite bit is this wonderful hare made entirely in white chocolate by Belflair chocolates of Brackley ( one of our local businesses ). He is the traditional Germanic type with a pannier filled with eggs or flowers. I wanted to put him in my large Apothecary jar but sadly he was just a little too fat. So I put him onto my Italian glass gilded cake plate instead and I think you’ll agree, with the addition of some shredded tissue paper and a few decorated eggs, he makes a pretty picture.


So now I’m ready for the holidays.

Every friend that comes to see me gets to chose an egg from the growing collection. A good excuse for me to blow and decorate some more! HAPPY EASTER!



2 Responses to “Deck the Halls with Bowls of Choccy, Fa la la la la…..”

  1. Renee Says:

    Easter looks lovely at your house!

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