For the price of a stamp…..

My last post was about making little flowers from ready made punched out white mulberry paper blanks. Now I shall show you how to make some from scratch.


Many of you who have followed this blog from the beginning, are paper crafters with a stash of tools to your name. I bet a lot of you have a few punches ( or if you are like me a LOT of punches!) Before I commence on my theme of the day, I shall digress just a little.

My dear husband has made me a rack for my Martha Stewart ones. I like her edge punches best and these are hard to store as they aren’t stackable and have sticky out bits which catch on everything imaginable.


Stampin’ Up punches stack nicely, flat bottomed punches, like E craft and Fiskars, Xcut and Tonic sit nicely on a shelf but Martha Stewart…no. So just to show you what you can do with a bit of old wood. It’s great. I can see them at a glance and they don’t fall onto the floor and crack! ( Hard to see, but the shelf is angled backwards slightly ).

Back to flowers…..


If you can get hold of a packet of WHITE coffee filter papers, this is the raw material for flowers of all kinds and shapes. I had a job getting them. No local shops had them…only brown. I had, in the end reluctantly to go to Ebay, but having said that, they were cheap and postage was included. Always a bonus in this country ( U.K. ) where post goes up by the minute! So for the price of a stamp ( no pun intended ) you’ll have material for lots of flowers – which of course you can pattern with tapestry Stamps. Don’t know what these are? Go here.

So, there we are with a packet of 100 white coffee filters. Depending on the size of the flower you wish to make, one filter will make you one large and one small OR several small flowers. This is quite a saving on buying ready made coloured and printed flowers from craft suppliers!

After my last post someone asked me why I felt that mulberry flowers were better than the sort you punch out from card stock or paper. The answer might be that mulberry is very durable. It can be crushed, folded and cupped and it will keep its shape. Ordinary paper is more fragile and cardstock, after a while sometimes, begins to shale, in that the layers making it up will part. This doesn’t mean I don’t still want to use these papers but I’m in love with Mulberry for its sheer versatility.


Get out your punches! Have a look at them…really look at them and find out which ones will go together nicely to make the flower of your choice. If you have a series of punches of the same design, ( as I do ) in different sizes, these are great for making these flowers.


Image courtesy Little Black Dress Kit Club

Punch away to your heart’s content!

Now comes the fun bit. You’ll need some water colour for this. Another question someone asked me after my last post was, do I have to use water colour? No indeed. Any paint will do, or ink too. Acrylics., if you have them, will work but need to be thinned and you can do this either with acrylic thinners or water. Even standard children’s poster paint will give you fairly decent flowers. I use water colour -one, because I have a lot of it and -two, because it is so blendable, dries quickly and gives a good effect when both thicker and diluted.

If you are coming to this post as a newbie flower maker, you might like to understand my terms, cupping, cutting etc.

If you punch out a flower which is rather a solid shape, in order to make it bend like a real flower you’ll need to snip it towards the centre a little way, on every other petal.

Hobbycraft again...large flower punch ( I call this an undivided petal daisy)

Hobbycraft again…large flower punch ( I call this an undivided petal daisy)

You then take a pergamano tool ( pergamano is vellum craft – that tough see -through paper which is scored and punched and patterned ) such as a ball tool which is rather like a pen with a ball point to the end. These come in several sizes. You rotate the end of the tool in the centre of the flower petals and out into the middle of each petal. Watch it curl upwards – this is called cupping. You need to do this on a pad which is rather like the old fashioned mouse mat. You can find this sort of pad in craft shops.


I’m going to be lazy here and let you see another person’s take on making flowers from here on…..Jan’s Tutorial  

It’s just the same as mine but you might like a different voice…  😉  She does things the same way I do! Thanks Jan.

Before this you’ll need to colour your flower. It’s not always necessary to colour the whole flower as leaving little bits of white make for an interesting pattern. I striped some of my petals and some I just tinted, others were washed with paint  deeper in colour. It’s up to you how you do it. A word about EMULSION… I was taken to task in my last post for not explaining the term for my American readers! It’s WALL PAINT – ordinary paint – not the sort you use on wood. It comes in several finishes and it can be used on Mulberry paper too.

A word about Rubber Stamp Tapestry Stamps. These are absolutely perfect for making patterns on your flower petals. Go HERE to read about how to use them.

Click the words above to go to the site to buy them. 2010sets

You don’t need to colour your petals. If you’d like to leave them blank ( white ) and just stamp with inks with stamps, they can look equally good.

I made this frame last weekend with stamped and coloured filter paper flowers. I used an old tatty book for the wording and for some of the flowers. Punch the words out in your chosen script and then colour the petals with paint. ( Not too much or your words might blur ). Stamp onto the petals ( if you want to )  after you have painted them ( if you are using water based inks. )

IMG_6149IMG_6147There we are….
saving money…all for the price of a stamp ( or if you are in the U.K. a few stamps ….Royal Mail that is )



10 Responses to “For the price of a stamp…..”

  1. Lisa Barton Says:

    Beautiful work & inspiration! Stampin Up! also sell coffee filter papers in white 🙂 Envious of all your punches .. can’t wait to see more, Lisa

  2. Christine Says:

    If you have an ALDI’s store nearby, they have white coffee filters

  3. Says:

    Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post!
    It’s the little changes that produce the most significant changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  4. Katelyn J. Ratliff Says:

    Stack and adhere together the three flowers. The bottom flower should be the one made from the seven petal flowers, then the six petal flowers, and then the five petal flowers on top.

  5. Stormy Says:

    I every time emailed this website post page to all my associates,
    for the reason that if like to read it afterward my links will too.

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