Atichoo- it’s Boxing Day.

This post is about a box. A different box from the ones I usually make but a box none the less. Well, what do you expect from BoxCleva?

I bought this box at one of my local shops with a view to covering it with fabric. The fabric I’m using, matches my bedroom and en suite curtains, my bed linen and headboard but you can have any fabric you care to use.

It’s possible to turn a boring box of tissues into something a bit more exciting and match it to your decor.

Have you ever thought of buying up discarded swatch books from your local interior designer shop? I did. They are practically going to give them to you as they need to dispose of them when they are out of date and this can be a problem for some shops. Not all the material contained in the books will be useful to you, but if you chose carefully you can come away with metres of good quality fabric in lots of colour ways.

I used a matching blue Toile de Jouy for my tissue box cover, from one such book.

What you need to do.

Get a blank pressed paper tissue box cover.







These are cheap enough to buy in craft shops and can be had almost anywhere. Some have lids, others don’t.

Measure each side ( no, they are not always all the same in that they aren’t always symmetrical, so best to choose carefully. They are made of pressed paper so are sometimes a bit wonky . )

Cut a thin piece of card for each face. Make sure the card isn’t too thick as obviously, it will be thicker once you have added material.







Lay the card in the centre of the material and snip round the edges leaving about an inch. Cut on an angle, each corner and discard the bits. Fold over the material and stick to the back of the card.Then stick each covered square to your box. ( Make sure that the lid still fits on the top if you have a box like the above). You might like to make sure that the material panel is straight by lining it up with the surface upon which you are making your box. This means you need to make sure your surface is LEVEL.

For the top…. Cut a slit in the material, at the place where the tissues emerge through the hole.  You can do this by drawing through the hole on the back of the material, with a pencil and then cutting to the lines. Fold back the edges and stick to the underside of the box lid. Like so…






Fold a little material over the narrow edges of the box lid and stick it. Then do the same thing – make a covered piece of card and attach it to the small sides of the lid.

Your box will look very professional if you make it in this way. You can then, if you like, decorate the edges where the pieces of material meet with ric- rac, or braid, ribbon or lace. Or you can leave it plain. Like mine.



My little Edwardian bedside table and a new tissue box holder.

My little Edwardian bedside table and a new tissue box holder.


Happy Boxing Day.




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