Just a little question? When is a hand not a hand?

Box Cleva has changed hasn’t it?

I did say that I would do that.

So many people are playing with paper and making flowers, paper cuts and boxes now a days, and many of them with machines, that I have rather fallen out with with making things BY HAND with paper. After all why should I labour over something when someone can press a button and achieve the same thing.

I expect it was rather like when, with the invention of the sewing machine, hand sewers laid down their needles and thread and said, “Why bother”.

I am, I admit, a bit of a Luddite when it comes to machines. They have their place, but I feel that, in some instances, there is very little of the hand made about some of the items cropping up on, for example, Facebook and some craft fora I belong to.

It’s the age old debate. How much might you use ‘artificial means to create something before it becomes machine made?

When a potter throws a lump of clay on a wheel and then begins to mould it by hand…does this constitute help by machine?

When a quilter sews a quilt – pieces it together by machine…is this quilt still hand made?


This is a project made by my friends Faeries in My Garden. All hand embroidered.

My friends and I went to The Quilt and Patchwork show at the NEC the other weekend. It was wonderful to see what people and their imagination can come up with. It also brought it home how easy and ‘dummed down’ a lot of sewing has become. There were, naturally many beautiful hand made items on show. You could tell which were hand sewn and which not. There were also, lots of demonstrations of sewing with fancy machines costing the earth, which you just pointed in the right direction and off it went….as if by magic.

I had a conversation with lady on her stand ( about dogs as it happens ), when her machine was whirring away and at the end of our five minute chat, it had embroidered a house and garden onto a T shirt! THAT is not art. THAT is not hand embroidery and can never, in my humble opinion, be compared with something which has taken weeks to complete.

No. I’m a hand person and will remain so.

And so to my question.

If I stopped writing on this blog – discontinued it, how many of you would miss it? I’ll continue my Facebook page for my boxy finds and for anything I might make in paper now and again…but here, I wish to stop. Would anyone REALLY be upset?

I have other fish I’m frying at present.

Heartfelt, the Medlar House Mice and stockings at Christmas and Gather Ye Rosebuds ( some of you know these two ) for pretty flowery things, are my other two pages. I feel that they now represent what I am making, in a better way than BoxCleva does. Everything comes to a natural end. I think BoxCleva has.




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