Here we go again!

I am so sorry that I have neglected Whimsicals over the past year or so. I have been rather ill and writing a blog about little smelly people was not in the forefront of my mind. 😉

I am feeling better now and can get out and about to a few shows, which means that I am making Whimsicals again.

There are three perfumes this year for Christmas.

The usual all year rounder, Champagne and Roses – for those who don’t like the obvious Christmassy smell. Then, there’s Warm Gingerbread which is a lovely Vanilla like smell and which does really remind one of cake! Lastly for those traditionalists there is an orange and spice based scent, which is totally Christmas as far as I’m concerned.

Three new fabrics join last year’s Holly pattern, Christmas Star in red and white and red and white spot. This year we have a Christmas Pudding fabric, a robin and tree design and a multi spot with gold running through it. I still have a tiny amount of the Victorian Tree which I used several years ago and can only make a very few of this design so it’s a case of get it while you can. I also have some snippets of Tilda fabrics which do well as Christmas decorations, and these may appeal to the non traditionalist. Of course we have plain white, red, gold and silver too. For those who’d prefer less Christmassy designs there will be a few all year round pastel fairies and sprites.


The designs are the usual ones. Fairies of all hues with their sparkly wings and wands, angels and sprites ( which are the ones which are holding things like candy canes and gingerbread men. )

I begin my shows on the 16th November. I have one or two every weekend after that and when we get to the first week in December I have decided to open the sales to my friends who support the dog charity Terrier SOS. For every sale there I’ll give £1 to the charity.

This is the organisation where my beloved Wire Fox terrier Samos comes from. He was rescued from certain death and a horrible existence in a concrete cage at the tender age of a few months old by terrier SOS and I am the lucky girl who got to keep him. So now I raise as many funds for them as I can to help other little dogs like Samos.

This one is made to order and I only make about two dozen every Christmas…so they are rather rare. If you want one, shout out loud after December 1st. AND keep your eyes on this blog. Image

After the 1st December I’ll be posting pictures of all the Whimsicals there will be for sale. Not long now…..


For those who’d like to know here is a link to Terrier SOS

and here is a photo of dear Samos.602728_436549613048171_788754957_n


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